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Razorpit - The original and award winning razor blade sharpener

Using simple and patented technology Razorpit cleans and sharpens your razor blades, making them last on average 6 times longer.

Why buy RazorPit

Save money on razor blades

With Razorpit some customers achieve up to 150 shaves with one razor blade - The average amount is 60 shaves from one blade when using Razorpit. On the financial side it means you can expect to save a whopping €120 on blades every year.

Do you throw away a dirty plate?

The razor blade manufacturers wan't you to think that your razor blade is dull. But that is far from the truth, in fact they are just dirty. RazorPit rubs this microscopic dirt of the edge of the blade and leaves a sharp edge for a comfortable shave.

More than 600.000 units sold

Since our launch in november 2008 we have sold more than 600.000 Razorpits - Meaning that we have saved shavers for more than €54,000,000 on razor blades.

Money Back Guarantee

More than 93% of Razorpit customers are so happy with Razorpit that they would recommend it to others. If you are one of the few who do not find Razorpit living up to its promises, we would be happy to give you a full refund.



As most ideas RazorPit is invented based on outrage and irritation! We simply could not get into our heads that razor blades are so expensive but only last a few shaves. We wanted to disrupt the shaving market.

Morten Kjeldsen, with the engineering background took a methodical approach to finding a solution. He suggested that we started buying the same type of razor blade for the three of us. Then we would shave with the blades for the next 21 days to see the result. After 21 days of shaving, with some skin irritation from dull blades I might add, we had three test subjects. Our razor blades.

Morten took these three test subjects and moulded them into a hard material. Then cut the razor blades in half because we wanted a microsopic view of the blade edge. After only 30 days of working with the idea, we found the real problem! There was a coating on the razor blade edges. Something was sticking to the edge of the blades and causing it to become thicker and thereby dull.


Discovering why the blades went dull was a major victory and the feeling of discovery was a big thing for us. But it also led to the next challenge. Were we able to restore the blade edge and make it sharp again? We tried brainstorming. We listed all the materials we could think of that had some sort of cleaning or sharpening ability.

You would not believe how many things, materials and liquids we looked into. After spending many days and nights evaluating different cleaning and sharpening materials. We had more than 40 different materials on the list. We went through the list to find the best bets. This resulted in a list of five different cleaning and sharpening aids. Our aim from there was to test every single material to see which would perform the best. To put it mildly this idea failed miserably. None of the materials worked, and in fact some of them made the problem worse. Back to the drawing board, and to brainstorming.


The solution finally came, but neither from the drawing board nor brainstorming. It came from a band-aid! Yes, a band-aid! We all know that when you remove a band.aid some of the plaster glue is left on the skin. Normally you just remove it using your finger and the friction of the skin. This were our answer. If you are able to remove the plaster from your skin by using friction, you might also be able to remove the coating from a razor blade using friction?

Now we were close. We had a problem and a plausible solution. We just needed to find the right material to sharpen razorblades by wiping off the residue from the blade edges. Knowing that the friction levels were the key, we started testing on a mild sandpaper, and to say the least, that was the wrong way to go. From there we moved on to rubber.

Rubber could be made with the softness needed for the blades to come into close contact and create friction. Though it turned out we could not find a rubber material with a high enough friction level. We then moved to thermo-plastic elastomer, which is a sort of silicone with a very high level of friction and a high level of softness.


We started testing with a panel of independent shaving freaks. The feeling was incredible when all of the five test people called up 30 days later and were using the same razor blade. We knew that we had a solution. We continued the test to see how long we could make blades last. Quite impressive our test subjects shaved 34, 44, 67, 123 and 157 times before they had to change the razor blade.

All of this happened back in the years 2007 and 2008. Once we had a proper material with enough friction we created the RazorPit product design and went straight to market. The rest of the story is documented by all our customers who have been kind enough to leave thousands of online reviews of the RazorPit.

RazorPit Founders

Mikkel Salling, Founder and CEO

Mikkel Salling,
Founder and CEO

Jesper Hvejsel

Jesper Hvejsel,
Founder, Product development

Morten Kjeldsen, Engineer and Inventor

Morten Kjeldsen,

Choose your RazorPit

RazorPit Original

€ 20

International customers

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Danish customers

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Patented friction technology is used to clean an sharpen your razor blades.

On average users get 6 times the number of shaves compared to not using the RazorPIt.

Place to store your razor

Easy travel function with protection of the blades.

RazorPit Teneo

€ 25


International customers

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Danish customers

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Patented friction technology is used to clean an sharpen your razor blades.

On average users get 6 times the number of shaves compared to not using the RazorPIt.

Holds your razor in the vertical to avoid water on the edge of the blade, as this causes corrosion

Softer surface, Closer contact with the razor blade

Easy storage of your extra razor blades. Up to 4 extra blades stored

Over 700 customer ideas were consired in the design process

RazorPit Foam

€ 15


International customers

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Danish customers

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Active ingredients prevents bumps and ingrown hairs after shaving.

The RazorPit Bump Foam gives an optimal lubrication for the razor to glide effortlessly over the skin.

The RazorPit Bump Foam has anti-bacterial properties which cleanse your skin and razor free from bacteria, so you can enjoy a more hygienic shaving experience.

Free from perfumes, parabens and dyes

Customer Reviews

Jacob Schelde

"I have used RazorPit many years and I can´t remember the last time I bought new razors."

Henning Pedersen

"Highly recommendable. I have used the same Gillette Mach 3 razor for over 3 months now - and it is still as new."

James Harpelund

"I have used the same razorblade for 5 months now. It is still as sharps as when I started using it."

Morgan Gersdorff

"RazorPit is amazing. I have used the same blade from Gillette for over 170 days now. Still as new. I thought it was a lie, but it really works."

Jesper Jonassen

"This product is so cool!!! Hopefully a lot of people will start using it. I will do mine to make this happen."

Michael Jakobsen

"This really works. Everyone who uses a razor should get a RazorPit - ASAP :)!"

Henrik Ulriksen

"Most genious invention in a long time. My RazorPit recouped after 2 months."

Jens Davidsen

"Nothing else to say than: RAZORPIT RULES!! Thank you for an awesome product."

How to use it

1. After shaving lubricate Razorpit with a thin layer of shaving product.

2. Place your razor blade on the surface of the Razorpit. Push down with light pressure, and push razor forward along the entire surface of the Razorpit, still with a light pressure into the surface.

3. Repeat 4–5 times after shaving. Then rinse razor and Razorpit with warm water.


There is still hair left between the blades - So it is not working!

The dullness of the blade is not because of the hairs between the blade it is caused by particles of hair, soap and dead skincells left on the edge of the blade. RazorPit removes this like a charm.

You say it sharpens the razor blades, but it only cleans.

The dictonary defines a sharpener as “any implement that is used to make something (an edge or a point) sharper.”. That is why we used the word sharpener. The implement used is micro-cleaning the blade using the patented friction technology.

Gillette razors have metal on each side holding the blades in place and you can not push hard enough to actually clean the blades as the metal prevent this.

Yes it can! The RazorPit has the same softness as the skin. This means that if you are able to shave with it, the RazorPit surface can come into contact with the edge of the blade. It is hard to believe, but it also hard to believe that you have to pay so much for razor blades.

My lubrication strip will be worn out?

The RazorPit will not wear out your lubrication strip more than 4 strokes over your skin would. Furthermore the lubraction strip is not at all necessary to have a good shave. As long as you use a shaving product there is no problem. And if you shave without shaving product normally, your skin is not sensitive, and again the lubrication strip is unnecessary.

It does not work - I can’t see any difference!

You will not be able to see any difference. The particles that are cleaned off the edge of the blades are only visible under a microscope. Instead feel the difference on your skin.


Including, but not limited to:


  • Gillette Fusion Proglide (Manual and Power)
  • Gillette Fusion (Manual & Power)
  • Gillette Mach 3
  • Gillette Mach 3 Turbo
  • Gillette Mach 3 Power
  • Gillette Fusion Phenom/Power Phenom
  • Gillette Fusion Phantom
  • Gillette Fusion Proglide Flexball
  • Gillette M3Power Nitro
  • Gillette Sensor Excel
  • Wilkinson Sword Quattro
  • Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3
  • Wilkinson Sword FX Diamond
  • Wilkinson Sword Protector 3D Diamond
  • Wilkinson Sword Xtreme Comfort 3
  • Wilkinson Sword Xtreme Sub Zero
  • Wilkinson Sword Quattro
  • Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3
  • Wilkinson Sword FX Diamond
  • Wilkinson Sword Protector 3D Diamond
  • Wilkinson Sword Xtreme Comfort 3
  • Wilkinson Sword Xtreme Sub Zero
  • King of shaves Azor 5 Sensitive
  • King of shaves Azor
  • King of shaves Azor M
  • King of shaves Azor S


  • Gillette Venus
  • Gillette Embrace
  • Gillette Breeze
  • Gillette Vibrance
  • Gillette Divine
  • Wilkinson Sword Lady Protector
  • Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women
  • Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Go
  • Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women
  • L’Azor System Razor
  • Woman Azure

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